Primary Organizational Research

After exhausting other forms of research, we conduct primary organizational research when we believe it will lead to an innovative solution. In a typical assignment, we:

  • Engage five to ten excellent companies willing to collaborate fully
  • Prepare a case study detailing the practices of each participant
  • Facilitate a workshop with participants to identify innovations
  • Produce a report containing case studies and a workshop summary  

After assimilating information learned through research and our firsthand experience, we prepare a solution for our client.

Below are several examples of primary research topics we have addressed and lists of companies participating.  

Sales Force Recruitment and Selection
  • Federal Express
  • Lanier Worldwide
  • MCI Communications
  • Microsoft
  • Motorola
  • Northwestern Mutual Life
  • PepsiCo
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Texas Instruments
Employment Branding
  • CrediCorp
  • McDonald’s
  • Kraft Foods
  • Walgreens
  • Northern Trust
  • MillerCoors
People-Management Practices in Residential Properties
  • Aimco
  • Avalon Properties, Inc.
  • Charles E. Smith Companies
  • Colonial Properties Trust
  • Equity Residential Properties
  • Insignia Financial Group, Inc.
  • Jupiter Western National
  • Lexford Properties
  • Lincoln Residential Services
  • Pinnacle Realty Management
  • Post Properties, Inc.
  • R & B Realty Group
  • Security Capital – Atlantic
  • Security Capital – Pacific
  • Trammel Crow
  • United Dominion Realty Trust
  • Walden Residential Properties
Non-Profit Management – Chicago Area
  • Albany Park Community Center
  • Better Boys Foundation
  • Centro Romero
  • Erie House
  • Literacy Works
  • Marillac House
  • Metro
  • Midtown
  • St. Joseph Services
  • The Learning Center
Contact Center Management
  • Appleseed’s
  • Swiss Colony
  • Miles Kimball
  • Orvis
  • Home Decorators Collection
  • Mason Companies
  • Rockler
  • Hanover Direct
  • Successories

By facilitating collaboration of this type, in addition to becoming experts on a subject quickly, we develop networks of experts that collaborate after the research is complete.

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