Foster Consistent Leadership

At SWA, we treat leadership as a teachable set of activities that every manager of people, from Supervisor to CEO, performs. We help clients:

  • Define leadership activities. Every leader conveys a strategy, defines roles, acquires talent, develops people, guides a team to achieve shared results, and connects a team to outside stakeholders.
  • Clarify expectations for each level of leader. As managers advance to higher levels of leadership, the way they perform leadership activities changes. A leader of leaders, for example, performs people-management activities differently than does a leader of a direct team.
  • Establish top-down commitment. Consistent leadership begins with the executive team. CEOs and their teams develop distinctive systems of leadership and ensure consistency throughout the organization.
  • Teach and coach leaders. With clarity as the foundation, our clients apply structured training, regular coaching, and peer collaboration.
  • Reinforce leadership through selection and evaluation. Selecting and evaluating leaders based on the company’s leadership standards ensures that leaders understand the system and execute it as designed.
  • Streamline Human Resources. Rather than making HR professionals better business strategists, we find it far more effective to make business leaders better people-managers. As front-line leaders become better people-managers, companies require substantially less support from HR.

By selecting, developing, and evaluating managers based on a practical, company-specific leadership system, our clients manage people more consistently, shorten the learning curve for new leaders, and reduce turnover costs from departing leaders.

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