Develop People Quickly and Fully

Today’s accelerating pace of change and declining employee loyalty require companies to prepare team members to contribute early in their tenures and to reach full productivity quickly. We guide our clients to:

  • Begin teaching on the first day. On day one, a leader introduces a new hire to his/her role and clarifies expectations. The leader then discusses the actions and timeline for teaching the person how to perform each major activity.
  • Link training to roles. Whether teaching hundreds of incumbents in a classroom or instructing a single person on the job, leaders structure training around the major activities of a role. Team members focus on steadily improving the way they perform each major activity.
  • Coach systematically. Every team member progresses through three stages:
    • From first day to performing independently
    • From performing independently to performing at standard levels
    • From performing at standard levels to performing as a role model

We teach leaders to vary the type and frequency of coaching based on each person’s developmental stage.  

  • Evaluate people constructively. We teach leaders to evaluate a person’s performance and to plan priorities based not on rankings of peers, but on the standards specified in the person’s role.
  • Simplify performance management. Clear roles, focused development, and structured salary guidelines make our performance management system simple, fair, and transparent.  

At SWA, we help clients bring new hires to full productivity quickly and all team members to continually higher levels of performance.

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