Employ the Right People

We guide clients in recruiting and selecting the right talent. We also treat hiring as a critical marketing endeavor that pays dividends beyond filling open positions. We help clients:

  • Broaden their candidate pools. By clarifying roles and committing to developing people, our clients recruit from large pools of highly talented and enthusiastic candidates who merely lack skills our clients can teach.  
  • Communicate an appealing employment brand. We help clients “package” their employment brands and convey clear messages through company ambassadors, written materials, social media, and the company website.
  • Respect each applicant as a customer. For retail companies, every applicant is likely a customer or a prospective customer. In other fields, applicants may influence company employees and other applicants. For this reason, we help clients earn the respect of every applicant while the company searches for the right people.
  • Conduct market research while recruiting. Recruiters elicit valuable information about industry and labor market practices. We guide recruiters in gathering intelligence and sharing it with departments such as Marketing, Sales, and Compensation.
  • Select decisively. We help clients link selection steps to the major activities of a role. We also help leaders clarify accountability for planning, recruiting, selecting, and assimilating talent. This accelerates the selection process and yields excellent hires.

In the age of scarce talent, the most successful companies expand their candidate pools, establish themselves as desirable employers, and select people who will excel in their roles.

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