Are Your Employees Ambassadors?

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When a company is receiving a thousand job applications a day through sources like and CareerBuilder, how can it be expected to identify the best candidate for each open position?

This is the central question posed by a recent New York Times article on hiring practices. The solution, the article suggests, is to rely more heavily on employee referrals as a basis for hiring.

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How Much Should You Spend To Attract a New Customer?

Chances are, you've heard radio advertisements touting fixed or variable annuities, Roth IRAs, and 401(k)s. If you live in the Chicago area, you may even have heard Mike Ditka on 890 AM-WLS promoting an indexed annuity product. Somehow I doubt that Da Coach, however strongly he may believe in indexed annuities, was working for free. Investment companies, it would seem, are willing to spend heavily to promote their services.

But how can these companies be sure their aggressive efforts will pay off? If an investment company spends $50,000 per month to keep its ad on the air, how many new customers will it have to attract to break even?

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