From 2008 to 2012, SWA worked with senior executives at Wardrop Engineering, a consulting firm headquartered in Winnipeg, to:

  • Develop a strategy for expanding from 1,000 to 4,000 professionals in four years
  • Strengthen Wardrop’s relationship with three at-risk clients responsible for nearly $60 million in annual fees
  • Define a model of execution for serving Wardrop’s largest clients
  • Define key project roles
  • Develop people-management systems to support the model of execution and key project roles

Wardrop first stabilized and then increased sales to its three largest clients. Tetra-Tech acquired Wardrop at a price made more favorable because of Wardrop’s earned loyalty from its largest accounts.

Key Lessons

We learned the extreme power of involving large-account customers in developing a model of execution. By partnering with customer decision-makers, Wardrop gained a significant advantage over its competitors.

“Dean’s professional style and skill at clarifying strategy and defining roles helped us build stronger and more lasting relationships with our most important customers.”

Pat Marchione

Vice President of Operations

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