St. Joseph Services

Since 2011, SWA has been advising St. Joseph Services, a nonprofit committed to tutoring adults and providing out-of-school services to children in Chicago’s high-risk Austin and Humboldt Park neighborhoods. We have worked with St. Joseph Services staff to:

  • Develop a model of execution to target clients, services, and model for providing services
  • Define roles for staff members and volunteers
  • Benchmark local nonprofit leadership and management practices
  • Design systems for recruitment, selection, training, performance management, compensation, and succession planning
  • Package St. Joseph Services in a compelling way to staff members, volunteers, and donors

The Board Chairman described our work as “transformational” and critical to increasing the number of clients served, volunteers engaged, and donors committed to St. Joseph Services.

Key Lessons

We learned that providing a clear model of execution at a nonprofit can substantially improve performance and provide a solid foundation for attracting donors.

“Dean helped bring St. Joseph Services to a new level of success and professionalism.”

Lisa Sullivan

Executive Director

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