Since 2010, SWA has been advising senior executives at one of the world’s largest technology companies, a Chinese firm employing nearly 200,000 people worldwide. We have addressed Huawei’s operations in places like Shenzhen, Tokyo, Duesseldorf, Ottawa, and Silicon Valley. We have worked with Huawei to:

  • Develop a “model of team operations” to guide key account teams in Western Europe in serving the region’s 24 largest accounts
  • Redefine the role of nearly 2,500 Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs) worldwide
  • Develop role-based training for HRBPs
  • Develop an HR operating model for nine overseas research and development organizations

Western Europe has been Huawei’s most successful region over the past several years – mainly due to its success with its key accounts. Our work with HRBP’s earned Huawei’s “President’s Award” as a top companywide project in 2014. The HR model we established in Huawei’s research and development centers serves as a model for locations worldwide.

Key Lessons

We learned that “less can be more” when HR supports business managers. As business managers learn to perform people-management activities independently, the daily need for HR Business Partners diminishes. Huawei now deploys fewer HR Business Partners, and those remaining perform truly strategic activities.

“I am continually impressed with Dean’s creativity and commitment to simplicity. He is an expert at designing and implementing practical solutions.”

Bradley Hall, PhD

Senior Advisor to Human Resources

Author of The New Human Capital Strategy

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