Since 2009, SWA has advised senior executives at Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), Peru’s largest financial services company, an organization with approximately 20,000 employees. We have worked with BCP to:

  • Define roles based on teachable activities and restructure performance management to support role clarity
  • Transform Learning and Development priorities to accelerate the speed at which new hires reach full productivity
  • Establish a compelling CEO-led employment brand with strategic initiatives connected to the slogan Somos BCP (We are BCP)
  • Introduce an Ambassador Program to prepare BCP employees to describe BCP careers favorably to university and MBA graduates
  • Develop a companywide leadership development system that prepares BCP’s 2,000 leaders to be effective people-managers

In 2009, external research described BCP as a bureaucratic and a below-average employer. By 2015, BCP earned the distinction of “top employer” in Peru, a position it maintains. Over the past three years, BCP has also enjoyed its most profitable period in the company’s long history.

Key Lessons

We learned that even a large organization can achieve role clarity and make it the foundation for effective people-management. In communications, we learned that making the CEO the spokesperson for the employment brand and conducting regular two-way communications with employees dramatically improves the workplace.

“…Dean is an enthusiastic force behind our transformation. Without his passion and wisdom, we would not be the company we are today.”

Bernardo Sambra

Chief Human Resource Officer

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