AT&T Global Services

From 1998 to 2002, SWA worked with the AT&T’s Vice President of Global Services and his team to provide innovative sales management training and to establish customer-friendly career paths in Sales. We worked with Global Services to:

  • Define the role of Sales Manager as a set of six major activities
  • Design and develop practical training around major activities
  • Deliver training first to 110 Sales Managers in the Eastern Division
  • Based on the success in the Eastern Division, deliver training to the remaining 180 Sales Managers in the Western and Southern Divisions
  • Reconstruct career paths within Sales by establishing “levels” within roles for Sales Executives and Account Managers

The sales management training, considered highly innovative by senior executives, was also “best rated” by the sales organization. And by establishing career paths so Sales Executives could remain with a set of customers through several promotions, Global Services enjoyed increased customer loyalty and satisfaction among its largest clients.

Key Lessons

We learned that defining roles as sets of major activities – and then structuring training around roles is a practical and powerful model. We also advanced our methodology for structuring career advancement within roles to support a flat organization, serve customers better, and guide continual skill development.

“Dean’s methodology for defining roles and training Sales Managers was truly innovative and simple. It became our new paradigm.”

Rick Miller

President Eastern Division

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